Sunday, February 28, 2010

Top Trends in Patek Philippe and Other Luxury Watches for 2010

In the world of horology, trends come and go when it comes to luxury timepieces such as Patek Philippe, Harry Winston, Hearts on Fire, and Gucci. Luxury watches are fashion accessories worn by the rich and famous. Annually, Swiss watchmakers start a trend that watchlovers follow. For the year of 2010, the top trends for Patek Philippe timepieces and other luxury watches are the following:

  • Rose gold as a new source of material and design for fine watches. Patek Philippe and IWC are recognized as pioneers in this trend when they launched rose gold fine watches in 2009. Timepieces in rose gold are more elegant and the quality is tougher than yellow gold. Watch lovers sporting luxury watches in rose gold exude a feeling of warmth and playfulness. Additionally, watches in rose gold are more charming and magnificent looking.
  • Technique is more important than anything else. Beauty is a plus, but this year, technique seems to place more value on the luxury watch than its aesthetic worth. Movements with complicated functions such as the Patek Philippe perpetual calendar and tourbillion are legends in the world of watchmaking. Function and movement decorations are greatly improving and these increase the prices of luxury timepieces.
  • Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds. What timepiece would be complete without luxurious diamonds that add shine and sparkle to Patek Philippe brand pieces and other fine watches? The more diamonds encased in watches, the more value they will add to your timepiece.

Trends may come and go but it’s also important to note that luxury timepieces by Patek Philippe, Omega, Panerai, and other world-renowned watchmakers accumulate value over time. Take great care of your watch to guarantee that its value grows over the years.

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