Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spotting Fake Panerai Luxury Watches (Part I)

Italian brand Panerai is just one of the millions of victims of piracy. Because of the hard times that have befallen us, many have succumbed to purchasing counterfeit Panerai luxury watches just for the sake of owning one. With four major lines of watches that consist mostly of limited edition pieces, it is no doubt that Panerai is one of the world’s leading watchmakers thus making it a target for counterfeiters and end-users alike. To avoid getting scammed and purchasing a fake Panerai luxury watch, here are a couple of tips to help identify the authentic Panerai watches from the fakes.

1. A fake Panerai luxury watch also has a fake Panerai movement. Do not be surprised that watch movements are now even being faked. Fake movements commonly used in replica Panerai watches are the Valjoux 7750 and ETA 2824, which concidentally are also being used in fake IWC and Omega watches. Most fake watch manufacturers cover these movements with a solid case back. Authentic movements are now in cased backs covered with sapphire crystals to avoid unauhthorized reproduction.

2. Fake Panerai watches usually have a wrong font, that being Arial Light. When the movement is put inside the case, the letterings become upside down. Additionally, the regulator turns up and the crown becomes located in the left.

3. There are Panerai replicas that can copy even the most detailed decorations, making identifying a fake harder. Keep in mind that no Panerai replica has the swan neck and bridge modifications that was part of the modifications in 2002 to prevent counterfeiting.

4. Check for roughly polished stones as these are easily visible in fake Panerai watches. The unfinished look on the exposed parts of the watch should be the first clue to anyone interested in buying a Panerai watch. Luxury watches should be smooth, not hard or rough. It doesn’t take years of experience to realize that roughly polished stones are an indication of counterfeit Panerai watch.

5. Examine the shavings and screws of the watch. Panerai watches have blue screws that result from a heating process. Fake watch manufacturers just paint them blue so this should be easy to identify. Replica timepieces do not have the Panerai logo at the edges too.

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