Monday, June 28, 2010

Patek Philippe Luxury Watch Tip: How to Extend the Life of Fine Watches

Patek Philippe watches are luxurious accessories, and any watch lover would feel honored to wear one of these classy timepieces on his or her wrist. On the other hand, for collectors these watches are more than just an accessory because each Patek Philippe piece is a precious addition to their life’s assemblage. Below are a few tips to help extend the life of these valuable collectables.

•The first thing everyone should know when purchasing and caring for a Patek Philippe luxury watch is that each piece is different. When it comes to manufacturing techniques, most luxury watches are hand-crafted to perfection, which is what helps these timeless pieces grow in value.

•Each Patek Philippe watch should be cared for differently. Manufacturers know that customers expect quality in the production of their luxury watches, which is why these timepieces come with instruction manuals on how to properly care for each individual watch. It’s important to pay attention to all the details of your Patek Philippe timepiece.

•All luxury watchmakers make timepieces and models that are water resistant. The manufacturers do this because they understand the needs of watch lovers, and they want to satisfy their customers’ desires. On the other hand, if you have no intention of wearing your watch in the water, water resistant Patek Philippe watches are probably not the best match for your collection. However, with these watches, you can prevent damage if you ever accidently take a dip into water and forget to remove your timepiece. Additionally, keep in mind that salt water causes corrosion so try to avoid using water resistant watches in the ocean.

•Avoid leaving Patek Philippe, or any other luxury watch, in extremely high or low temperatures for an extended period of time. When you expose luxury watches to extreme heat, the battery life shortens, and if these pieces are exposed to extremely cold weather, this can cause the watch to stop.

•Keep Patek Philippe watches away from any chemicals, solvents or gasses. If you expose your piece to harmful chemicals, your watch can become discolored or deteriorate. Similarly, static electricity can also damage your watch so you might want to keep them away from certain household appliances.

These tips don’t cost a thing and there’s nothing to lose by following them. Your luxury Patek Philippe watch is a substantial investment, so it deserves the best care possible.