Friday, January 29, 2010

Luxury Watches Make Perfect Gifts: Patek Philippe, Omega, and more

To celebrate special occasions with the one you love, you’d want nothing but the best gift possible. Consider the gift of a luxury watch from Patek Philippe, Omega, or IWC for a timeless investment. A luxury watch, such as a Patek Philippe, is passed on from one generation to the next and appreciates in value over time. Just like your feelings for that special person, a luxury watch becomes more valuable with the passing of time.
Aside from being timeless investments, luxury watches are also practical. A Patek Philippe watch that is handcrafted to perfection is unbeatable in precision and accuracy. Patek Philippe and other luxury watch brands serve a multitude of purposes, such as a date tracker, a stopwatch, an alarm, etc. Practical and timeless, a luxury watch is a possession that will be cherished for a long, long time.
A Patek Philippe watch, an Omega watch, Chopard, Panerai, etc. also serve as s stylish investment. With many fine pieces to choose from, luxury watches meet and match anyone’s lifestyle. For example, Patek Philippe or Tag Heuer sports watches offer many options for different sporting needs. If your better half is a businessperson or a socialite, luxury watches come in a range of colors and embellishments to match any business suit or evening gown.
Given as a gift, Patek Philippe and other luxury watches carry a sentiment that is unmatchable by any flower, wine, greeting card, clothing, or a fancy dinner.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On Becoming a Luxury Watch Collector…

Part of the appeal of collecting something stems from our childhoods spent hoarding comic books, stamps, stickers, sports cards, coins, etc. The thrill of seeking out something to add to a collection brings an inexplicable joy. Collecting luxury watches such as a Patek Philippe, Omega, Tag Heuer, and the like are no exception to the fascination and satisfaction brought about by being a collector. Seeing the endless array of Patek Philippe watches, Rolex watches, and other cutting edge timepieces created by the finest watchmakers is just as exhilarating to a watch collector as vintage cars are to automobile enthusiasts. The fascination that watch collectors have with the latest styles, mechanisms, movements, and precision of luxury timepieces makes them want to collect more and more Patek Philippe watches, among other luxury watches.

Thinking of becoming a luxury watch collector? Here’s how:
While seeing the many styles of Patek Philippe, Omega, IWC, Panerai and others stimulate your passion to start collecting luxury watches, the hobby doesn’t allow you to instantly pick out a luxury watch simply because it looks appealing. If you are serious about becoming a watch collector, it is best to develop your collection slowly. Try and gain insight on the luxury watch making industry as the more information your have, the more likely it is that your Patek Philippe or other similar brand watch becomes an integral and lasting addition to your collection.
With the many Patek Philippe, Longines, Chopard, etc. styles to choose from, where should one start in luxury watch collecting?  As a newbie luxury watch collector, start by choosing a Patek Philippe watch for work, a Tag Heuer watch for sporting activities, a jeweled Chopard or Bvlgari watch for dressing up, and perhaps another Patek Philippe or Omega watch for casual events. As you gain more insight on luxury watches, your collection can be expanded to different types or styles of watches. For example, you might consider collecting the different types of movement watches, which involves the engineering of a luxury watch. Or you might consider a collection on complication timepieces or even watches with perpetual calendars such as the ones offered by Patek Philippe and other brands. The possibilities are endless and the choices are almost infinite.
Lastly, seek out publications that focus on the ins and outs of Patek Philippe and other luxury watch brands. Join social groups who are into luxury watch collecting. Watch collectors have a wealth of information they are eager to share to help you become successful in your luxury watch collecting efforts.

Monday, January 25, 2010

How to Determine Authenticity of Patek Philippe Luxury Watches

While everyone would like to strike for a great deal in purchasing a luxury watch such as a Patek Philippe, one must be wary of replica luxury watches. To be sure that your luxury watch is authentic, a number of things must be considered to ensure that money is not wasted on scams or replica timepieces.

Purchase from Authorized Dealers
Buyers of luxury watches believe that the best place from which you can guarantee an authentic luxury watch is purchasing from the manufacturer itself. While a trip to Geneva and knocking on the Patek Philippe factory sounds enticing, this method of purchasing a luxury watch is the most expensive and the most difficult to do. The best option is to purchase from an authorized dealer or reseller. Some luxury watch companies only allow certain resellers to sell their products in order to control the instances of replica watches. To narrow your search for an authorized dealer of Patek Philippe and other luxury watch brands, you may contact the watch manufacturer and ask who their authorized reseller is in your specific area.

Get in touch with the Authorized Dealer
It becomes of utmost importance to contact the authorized watch dealer and ask them questions on your Patek Philippe luxury watch of choice to ensure that they are legitimate sellers. They should be able to guide you in purchasing your luxury watch and be extremely knowledgeable on the features and functionality of the watch.

Look for Special Authentication Markings
A specific marking or signature on a Patek Philippe luxury watch proves its authenticity. Research and know the specific marking of the manufacturer of the luxury watch of your choice. Oftentimes, these markings are engraved to prove its legitimacy. Double check serial numbers and ensure that these are not scratched off.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Guide on Basic Luxury Watch Movements and Features

What sets a Patek Philippe and other luxury brand watches apart is not just their design, but also the skill necessary to produce this work of art. The true beauty of an Omega or Patek Philippe watch stems from its precision in movement and artistry.

To help you appreciate the magnificence of luxury watches, below is a guide on the different classifications of a precision timepiece.

Quartz Technology
Over the years, quartz technology has gained popularity due to its efficiency in timekeeping. The Swiss Quartz movements are known for its accuracy and reliability. It also has the greatest advantage when it comes to the price.

Mechanical Movement
Mechanical watches are created around an older technology that has been in existence for centuries. The movement uses the energy from a wound spring and keeps time through a greatly regulated release of that energy on a set of wheels, gears, and other mechanisms. These types of watches last for decades and do not need a battery. The more mechanical a watch is, the more it increases in value.
Automatic/Self Winding
Automatic luxury timepieces are the most sought after as they are mechanical, but driven by human movement. These luxury watches wind themselves by the motion of the wearer and remains wound as long as there is movement.

Jewel Movement
This involves the use of jewels that have been drilled and polished to act as bearings for its components as these gems resist temperature better than metal, hold its lubrication much longer, and reduce the friction of mechanical parts against each other.  Most luxury watches will have 19 jewels and above, representing the number of gems used in creating the masterpiece.
A chronograph luxury watch breaks down time into hours, minutes and seconds. Other chronograph watches show moon phases and calendars broken down into dates and years. These are very interesting complications that can be placed in a watch as it produces sporty image.

Perpetual Calendar
A perpetual calendar changes the date automatically on the simple date window of a luxury watch, keeping track of the date, day of the week, year, month, leap year, and even centuries.  Only an experienced watchmaker such as a Patek Philippe watch can produce such complex timepieces.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Woman’s Guide to Men’s Luxury Watches

Women often find it hard to buy gifts for the men in their lives. If there’s one thing that women won’t hesitate to buy for men, it’s a watch. Many luxury watches such as Patek Philippe, Omega, Breguet, and Tag Heuer offer different styles that can cater to a multitude of personalities. For a quick guide to buying Patek Philippe watches and other luxury timepieces for your man, read on.

Men use Patek Philippe watches and other luxury timepieces as accessories, time keepers, timers, date trackers, and more. When choosing a Patek Philippe watch for your man, keep in mind these things as they are what most men look for in a luxury watch.

A great determinant for choosing the perfect watch is the lifestyle he may lead. If he is often conducting business, luxury timepieces that are elegant and classic will surely be more suited for him. On the other hand, sports-minded men would want additional features on their wristwatches such as the Patek Philippe Nautilus, which is water-resistant and perfect for divers. Other important features are calorie-burning logs and mile counters.

Luxury watches are accessories that bring out the personality in men. Because men have more limited options when it comes to accessories, luxury watches serve as outlets where men can express themselves. Thus, it can make or break their image when choosing the right luxury watch. Tagheuer offers a wide variety of men’s watches such as sports watches, classic watches, and even dress watches.

Finally, luxury timepieces are heirloom pieces. When buying a luxury watch for your man, it should be elegant, subtle, and stylish. The younger audience may opt for a watch that is more modern, has more funk or style. But those in the business environment would prefer classic choices. The strap color and design should also be considered when picking the right luxury watch.

When buying Patek Philippe watches or other luxury watches for your man, having a budget helps limit your options. No matter what gift you give, he’ll always appreciate it more because it came from you. Nothing says a perfect gift than the gift of time.