Sunday, February 28, 2010

Top Trends in Patek Philippe and Other Luxury Watches for 2010

In the world of horology, trends come and go when it comes to luxury timepieces such as Patek Philippe, Harry Winston, Hearts on Fire, and Gucci. Luxury watches are fashion accessories worn by the rich and famous. Annually, Swiss watchmakers start a trend that watchlovers follow. For the year of 2010, the top trends for Patek Philippe timepieces and other luxury watches are the following:

  • Rose gold as a new source of material and design for fine watches. Patek Philippe and IWC are recognized as pioneers in this trend when they launched rose gold fine watches in 2009. Timepieces in rose gold are more elegant and the quality is tougher than yellow gold. Watch lovers sporting luxury watches in rose gold exude a feeling of warmth and playfulness. Additionally, watches in rose gold are more charming and magnificent looking.
  • Technique is more important than anything else. Beauty is a plus, but this year, technique seems to place more value on the luxury watch than its aesthetic worth. Movements with complicated functions such as the Patek Philippe perpetual calendar and tourbillion are legends in the world of watchmaking. Function and movement decorations are greatly improving and these increase the prices of luxury timepieces.
  • Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds. What timepiece would be complete without luxurious diamonds that add shine and sparkle to Patek Philippe brand pieces and other fine watches? The more diamonds encased in watches, the more value they will add to your timepiece.

Trends may come and go but it’s also important to note that luxury timepieces by Patek Philippe, Omega, Panerai, and other world-renowned watchmakers accumulate value over time. Take great care of your watch to guarantee that its value grows over the years.

The Different Styles of Luxury Watches Based on Function

Luxury timepieces can be categorized according to movement and function. Patek Philippe watches and other fine wristwatches can either be chronograph, quartz, mechanical, automatic, jewel, or perpetual – all differentiated by their distinct movements. Because men lead an active lifestyle, they should factor this in when choosing luxury watches. Fortunately, fine watches such as Patek Philippe, Omega, and Tag Heuer also manufacture watches for divers, military men, pilots, and sailors specifically.

Military watches should be durable, sturdy, and reliable because of the range of activities a man in the army participates in. Military watches often feature a 24-hour dial and 3 symbols which represent the strength of the military over land, sea, and air. It’s important that military watches have a chronograph because of its usefulness – a built-in timer with a long-lasting backlight.

The birth of diving watches was paved with the invention of water-proof watches. Diving watches require extra protection from water and moisture. This is made possible with gaskets or O-rings between the glass and bezel, the bezel and the case, and the case back and the case. The Swiss industry requires certification to guarantee the water-resistance of these Patek Philippe and other luxury watches, which manufacturers rely on to confirm the warranty of their watches.

Pilot watches have a number of features and functions that makes their expensive prices well worth it. Pilot watches keep time, have a countdown timer with an alarm, an elapsed time chronometer, and at least two time zones. Time zones are important in pilot watches because pilots often cross different time zones when in flight. Additionally, pilot watches are expensive because they are targeted for pilots – a profession that pays extremely well.

Swiss watchmakers such as Patek Philippe, IWC, Panerai, and Chopard are among a wide range of luxury watches to choose from. Just because these specialty watches cater to specific watch lovers, it doesn’t mean that other watch lovers can’t purchase them. Luxury timepieces are for everybody, as long as you know what you want then everything should be just fine.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Patek Philippe and Other Luxury Brands are Well Worth the Investment

For a lot of people, owning a Patek Philippe or other luxury watch brand of the same caliber is an extravagance. How can a timekeeping device fetch thousands of dollars when a simple watch can serve the same purpose? It’s generally understood that a Patek Philippe or similar watch is not for everyone. These luxury brands cater only to the upper echelons of society.
A snobbish and lavish commodity, indeed; but are watches such as Patek Philippe, Omega watch, IWC, etc. worth the investment? The answer is yes.
Here’s why…
The reason why Patek Philippe and other luxury watch brands cost as much as thousands of dollars is because of their impeccable quality. The skill and the mastery that go into the production of luxury timepieces are what put them above the rest. Take for example the Geneva Seal, which is a certification bearing the highest standards by which a watch is judged. It is a mark of distinction, of extreme excellence, of pinpoint accuracy, and horological expertise. A Patek Philippe bears the Geneva Seal, boasting of perfection in a timepiece.
It’s been shown time and again that luxury watches are legacies – they become family heirlooms, something passed on from generation to generation. As the famous Patek Philippe tagline goes, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.” And as time passes by, these luxury watches actually increase in value. 
Luxury watches also carry with them a deep-rooted history. Switzerland is known to be the producer of the world’s finest watches. For many years and generations, the finest horologists have been outdoing themselves to deliver more complicated timepieces, emanating extreme elegance and style. Owning a Patek Philippe watch or other similar watch brand gives you a sense of pride, knowing that you are wearing a piece of this proud history.
Of course, one must not forget that a Patek Philippe watch and other luxury watches are in a league of its own. Wearing one instantly marks your status in society. It commands respect, denoting great taste, class, and sophistication. To own a luxury watch requires a discerning eye in addition to having flair and style. Only a real connoisseur can truly grasp the quality, history, precision, status, and value a luxury timepiece offers.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caring for your Patek Philippe

Purchasing a Patek Philippe is a major investment and one that should last you for years, or even generations. But just because it is made from the finest and most innovative Swiss watchmaking technology doesn’t mean that your Patek Philippe will automatically withstand the test of time. Like any other accessory, a Patek Philippe requires special care befitting its unique style and quality.

Patek Philippe owners need to take care to remember the golden rule: maintenance. Whatever style your Patek Philippe may be, always remember to bring it in for a routine maintenance check. A good and reasonable timeframe would be every three to five years. However, don’t just bring your Patek Philippe to any watch store. Go to your authorized Patek Philippe service staff to ensure that only expert hands will take care of your precious timepiece.

Water-resistant Patek Philippes require additional care. It is advisable for owners to bring them in for an annual water-resistance test. This is a simple procedure that takes no more than a few minutes. A little time spent on caring for your Patek Philippe is sure to go a long way.

As with the maintenance of any other luxury watch, expect your Patek Philippe to undergo some dismantling, polishing and oiling. The check-up should also be the perfect opportunity for your Patek Philippe to have some crucial parts replaced, if necessary.

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