Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Different Styles of Luxury Watches Based on Function

Luxury timepieces can be categorized according to movement and function. Patek Philippe watches and other fine wristwatches can either be chronograph, quartz, mechanical, automatic, jewel, or perpetual – all differentiated by their distinct movements. Because men lead an active lifestyle, they should factor this in when choosing luxury watches. Fortunately, fine watches such as Patek Philippe, Omega, and Tag Heuer also manufacture watches for divers, military men, pilots, and sailors specifically.

Military watches should be durable, sturdy, and reliable because of the range of activities a man in the army participates in. Military watches often feature a 24-hour dial and 3 symbols which represent the strength of the military over land, sea, and air. It’s important that military watches have a chronograph because of its usefulness – a built-in timer with a long-lasting backlight.

The birth of diving watches was paved with the invention of water-proof watches. Diving watches require extra protection from water and moisture. This is made possible with gaskets or O-rings between the glass and bezel, the bezel and the case, and the case back and the case. The Swiss industry requires certification to guarantee the water-resistance of these Patek Philippe and other luxury watches, which manufacturers rely on to confirm the warranty of their watches.

Pilot watches have a number of features and functions that makes their expensive prices well worth it. Pilot watches keep time, have a countdown timer with an alarm, an elapsed time chronometer, and at least two time zones. Time zones are important in pilot watches because pilots often cross different time zones when in flight. Additionally, pilot watches are expensive because they are targeted for pilots – a profession that pays extremely well.

Swiss watchmakers such as Patek Philippe, IWC, Panerai, and Chopard are among a wide range of luxury watches to choose from. Just because these specialty watches cater to specific watch lovers, it doesn’t mean that other watch lovers can’t purchase them. Luxury timepieces are for everybody, as long as you know what you want then everything should be just fine.

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