Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Luxury Timepieces 101: The Basics of Patek Philippe, Omega, and Other Fine Watches

Watch lovers are more than willing to invest in the wristwatch of their choice. Swiss watchmakers such as Patek Philippe, IWC, and Breguet are top choices for luxury watches because of the movement, techniques, and aesthetic value they offer. From diamonds to chronographs, Patek Philippe watches and other luxury timekeeping accessory makers ensure that they manufacture only the best for their satisfied customers.

For those who are just beginning to indulge themselves in luxury watches like Patek Philippe, a few basics have to be covered. First, internet purchases have become a trend in owning luxury timepieces. Because of the prices of these timepieces, customers may have doubts on buying online. However, Swiss watchmakers often authorize reputable luxury watch retailers that customers can browse to from their website. This helps build reputation, and as a result, more future customers for luxury watch retailers.

Secondly, because Patek Philippe luxury timepieces are more intricate than mass-produced watches, they require care than only a licensed jeweler can give. It is never safe to try fixing broken watches on your own, as the movement can be potentially ruined. Licensed jewelers will only charge a few dollars for fixing your fine watch, a price well worth it especially considering the alternative of ruining a perfectly made watch.

Thirdly, watch batteries on luxury watches like Patek Philippe last for approximately 2-5 years. This is an approximation for fine watches with basic features only. Watches that are more complicated are bound to use more battery quickly because of their sizes, functions, and extra functions.

Finally, water-resistant luxury timepieces sometimes do not indicate water depth or high pressure. However, they must still meet the needs NIHS 92-10 standard which corresponds to international standard, ISO 2281. They are designed for everyday usage but cannot be used for deep sea diving. Patek Philippe, Gucci, Longines, and Maurice Lacroix offer water-resistant fine watches for the everyday man.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Elle Magazine Names Top Eight Diamond Watches for 2010

Diamond watches are predicted to be huge this year. Patek Philippe, Montblanc, and Piaget are just some of the well-known Swiss manufacturers of luxury watches that offer fine timepieces encased in diamonds. The more shine and sparkle they have, the more value these Patek Philippe luxury watches hold. Recently, top fashion magazine Elle named the top eight picks diamond watches horologists and watchlovers should look out for during 2010.

  • Montblanc’s stainless steel watch with diamond markers is Elle’s top choice and costs $2,055. Available from Montblanc, the Star Mini Automatic Diamonds features a white mother-of-pearl dial set with 10 diamonds and a black alligator-skin strap with triple-folding clasp.
  • Patek Philippe’s white gold watch with diamonds comes second. Featuring diamonds in a pave setting, this women’s watch boasts of a white gold strap encrusted with 18k diamonds.
  • Van Cleef and Arpels places third with their white gold watch with diamonds. The Cadenas S luxury watch for women presents a non-traditional way of viewing time with the clasp and case, both in steel, embodying the twin notions of Buckle and Playful Functionality.
  • Cartier’s white gold watch in diamond bezel comes in fourth place while Audemars Piguet’s diamond encrusted watch in white gold comes fifth.
  • Swiss manufacturer Piaget’s Miss Protocole XL white gold and diamond watch comes in sixth while the Happy Sport stainless steel watch with white gold and diamond bezel and floating diamonds from Chopard rank in seventh.
  • Finally, the $2500 stainless steel watch with diamond dial from Dior Timepieces clocks in at the 8th place.

Diamonds are perfect embellishments to any timekeeping device. Not only do they add glamour and shine, but also diamonds exude elegance no other gemstone can compare to. With these top picks to help you decide on the perfect diamond luxury watch for you, Patek Philippe, Montblanc, Piaget, and Chopard timepieces will definitely be the latest luxury watch you can add to your watch collection.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The lure of a Patek Philippe

Everybody wants one, but not everybody can have one. That’s the allure of a Patek Philippe timepiece. After all, who wouldn’t want to be part of an elite company of people composed of royalty, world-class professionals, athletes, and celebrities?

Patek Philippe is the ultimate symbol of luxury. You don’t just wear a Patek Philippe so you’ll know what time it is. You own and wear a Patek Philippe because you know you deserve nothing but the best there is.

What is it about this iconic Swiss timepiece that draws people to it? Is it the meticulous way each watch is made to near perfection? Is it the classic elegance that is associated with each Patek Philippe? Or could it be its elusiveness and exclusivity?

The allure of a Patek Philippe lies in all of those things. More than anything else, they are a product of their rich and glorious history of carefully maintained and impeccable watch making tradition. Each watch undergoes tedious work and inspection before landing on the wrists of their owners. Patek Philippe is the product of a marriage between tradition and technology. The product is more than just a luxury item coveted by many. The product is a Patek Philippe – an icon and the apex of Swiss watch making technology.

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