Thursday, December 30, 2010

The beauty of Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is a timeless Swiss luxury watch manufacturer that draws its origins as early as 1839. With age comes sophistication, and Patek Philippe has been commissioned by high-profiled royalty such as British Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Now men and women of class can exude that same sophistication and royalty by buying Patek Philippe timepieces from Chong Hing Jewelers. Chong Hing Jewelers has an elegant collection of Pateck Philippe watch for both men and women. Our collection of Patek Philippe watches include square-faced and round-faced watches; gold up to 18 karat and white gold with diamonds, and durable stainless steel.

Patek Philippe also set the standard for complicated timepieces and pioneered split-seconds hand, minute repeater, and the perpetual calendar. And here at Chong Hing Jewelers, our Patek Philippe collection delivers the same timepieces built to perfection. Our Patek Philippe collection has essential functions such as the annual calendar chronograph, and also purveys complicated watches by Patek Philippe.

Wristwatches by Patek Philippe are known for their class and sophistication, and therefore make great presents for extra special occasions such as for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and career promotions. Who could turn down such a present of great elegance?

Chong Hing Jewelers is a purveyor of high-class, luxury jewelry, and an authorized dealer of Patek Philippe wristwatches. Having been in business for up to 40 years, Chong Hing Jewelers have an excellent record in quality customer service and keen expertise in high-end jewelry pieces. Visit Chong Hing Jewelers’ website for our full collection of Patek Philippe wristwatches and other luxury jewelry.