Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Spot Fake Luxury Watches

Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Omega, and Mont Blanc – these are luxury watches that the average man will save up for years just to own one. For the cautious buyer and for every timepiece collector planning to buy luxury watches such as Patek Philippe, here is a simple guide on how to spot fake high-end watches.
  • If the price sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Omega watches don’t sell for $150. Nor would Patek Philippe vintage collection watches fetch for $199. Luxury timepieces are usually handcrafted and manufactured with precision that a price range of $150-$300 won’t cover for the superior quality these watches can offer.
  • Authentic luxury watches have serial numbers on them. Manufacturers apply serial numbers to all their timepieces. Make sure that you see the serial number upon purchasing. As for online purchases, the supplier should likewise provide a serial number for the luxury watch.
  • Cross-reference the supplier you would like to purchase with the brand’s official website. Patek Philippe provides a detailed list of its authorized distributors around the world. In the case that the vendor is not listed in the brand’s official website, the vendor might be able to provide the buyer an authorization agent.
  • If you’re decided on what luxury watch to purchase, study the model. You may opt to personally visit stores who are authorized to sell or you can research the specifications and designonline. By familiarizing yourself with the bracelet style, clasps, and hands, you can prevent buying a replica instead of the original.
  • Fake watches are usually inferior to the original ones, just like any replica item. Check for badly reproduced logos or insignias. Replicas usually misspell the brand name as well so be sure to read the manufacturer’s name on the luxury watch you’re purchasing.
  • Check authenticity by securing all documents, especially a manufacturer’s guarantee and a signed warranty (if applicable). This is most important if you’re buying a pre-owned Patek Philippe watch as this will verify the watch’s validity.

    The Internet is a big place to sell any product, especially luxury items such as Patek Philippe timepieces. There are even websites dedicated to selling replicas of these ultimately expensive-yet-worth it high end watches. They may burn a hole in your pocket now, but these watches are surely investments that are worth every penny they cost.

Monday, November 30, 2009

What Makes Designer Luxury Watches So Special

Everyone wants to own designer goods. Women are into designer clothes, designer bags, and designer shoes. Men, on the other hand, are not as brand-conscious as women but they do want luxury watches from brands such as Patek Philippe and Omega. Here’s why:

  • Designer watches are not mass-produced. Patek Philippe Chronographs are unique and one-of-a-kind, just the way Omega’s Constellation line is special and different from the others. By sporting luxury timepieces, men are assured that what they have is not the same as the man sitting beside him.
  • Expensive as they may be, designer watches are made with precision and accuracy. Each watchmaker has its own trademark and many watchmakers tend to engineer and revolutionize movements that surpass earlier designs. Patek Philippe has pioneered movements such as the split-second hands and chronographs.
  • Designer watches are investments. Not only are Patek Philippe watches and other designer watches elegant, they are ideal gifts for your loved ones as well. They last longer and they can be passed on from one generation to the next. The grace of a designer watch simply lasts forever.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Men Are In Love with Patek Philippe Wristwatches

It can easily be distinguished that feminine watches are more petite and slender while masculine watches are more robust and sport a very manly look. Just like jewelry, there are luxury watches, such as those from Patek Philippe, that are more appropriate for the workplace while other wristwatches more suited for formal events.

Leather wristbands are more suited for men who love power and affluence. These wristwatches are perfect for gentlemen who are in the business society as they want quality designer watches that show status and affluence. Businessmen like and prefer gold, platinum, and titanium wristwatches because they are not only elegant-looking but they are also perfect for any formal occasion. Additionally, a man’s Patek Philippe watch are symbolic of his discerning taste and style.

For men who are into sports and other outdoor activities, it is important that they choose Patek Philippe watches that are tough and water-resistant. Such activities like swimming, hiking, and jogging require a more functional wristwatch. Chronometers are perfect for joggers, while wristwatches that show different timezones are well-suited for businessmen because of their frequent international travels. Modern wristwatches have many functionality but men also factor in reliability and style when investing in luxury timepieces. Sporty timepieces are perfect for men on the move to help them keep up with their fast-paced lives.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Goes On In Routine Maintenance Of Luxury Watches

Although luxury watches from Patek Philippe, Omega and the like are built to last generations, they also need to undergo a routine maintenance check or inspection every three or four years. The main misconception of many Patek Philippe and other luxury watch owners is that if it is working properly, then it does not need to be serviced. Do not wait for a problem to happen. Have your luxury watch serviced at authorized centers.
Please note that each luxury watch manufacturer like Patek Philippe, Omega, etc. each have their own specific recommendations. Below are the basic services common to all luxury timepieces.

Complete inspection
-       Worn-out parts that may need to be replaced
-       Parts that may require lubrication
-       Dust, water, or perspiration that may have seeped into the luxury timepiece
Dismantling of Components
-       Old and worn parts are replaced with identical parts, if necessary
-       Cleaning each and every part, down to the last screw
-       Lubrication for precision
-       Precision adjustments
-       Test for timekeeping
-       Test for pressure-proof
-       Test for water-resistance and tightness of gaskets
Polishing and Cleaning
-       Polishing of the case
-       Polishing of the bracelet
General and Final Quality Control
While this routine maintenance may seem a lot, bear in mind that a luxury watch like Patek Philippe is an investment and investments are meant to be taken cared of to last generations.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What You Need to Know Before Buying Patek Philippe and Other Luxury Watches

There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing luxury timepieces such as the Patek Philippe brand. Watch collectors are experts when it comes to buying Swiss watches and other well-known brands. But first timers need a quick guide when planning to own a Patek Philippe watch. Watches have been used to tell time, but nowadays wristwatches are also used to display status, power, and wealth. Before buying a Patek Philippe timepiece or any luxury watch, read on for easy tips.
  • Buying a timepiece with a specific purpose in mind is easier than canvassing timepieces randomly. Casual wristwatches are perfect for outdoor activities while dress watches are more  suited for work and formal occasions.
  • Talk to your wallet. Define your budget as this will narrow down the options you have. Keep in mind that though Patek Philippe watches cost more than your average watch, these are timepieces that are well worth the investment because they last longer and can be used for a whole wide range of activities.
  • Know the features you want your watch to have. Watches are no longer purchased for the sake of telling time only, they provide a number of different features such as date, alarm, stopwatch, and sometimes calories and heartbeat per minute too. Chronographs are classic timepieces that Patek Philippe offers and though they may cost more than your usual watch, it’s still well worth keeping.
  • Waterproof and scratchproof watches are what collectors look for nowadays. Particularly for the first time buyer, these are the first few things to consider when buying watches. Water resistant watches such as Omega’s New Constellation Collection are a great purchase because they reach a depth of 100 meters.
  • Check if the watch has quality batteries as they will help you save a whole lot more in the long run. Luxury timepieces are priced higher than the average because they are manufactured with cutting-edge technology and that includes the batteries that come with the watches.
  • Make sure the timepiece fits your wrists perfectly. Because they accessorize your wrist, it’s improtant that they are secured well and don’t hang loosely when you wear them. If the watch feels uncomfortable and heavy, it’s probably not for you.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tips on Purchasing Patek Philippe Men’s Watches

Men’s watches, such as those by well-known Swiss manufacturers Patek Philippe, are often a status symbol and considered an investment. Because Patek Philippe watches say a lot about its owner’s personality, it’s important that timepieces are both pragmatic and stylish. Brand is also a major factor when men purchase luxury timepieces. Patek Philippe, Piaget, Harry Winston, and Bulgari are reputable watchmakers that men choose when purchasing wristwatches.

When looking for men’s watches, other factors one should look for are the shape, finishing, and material it’s made from. There are Patek Philippe timepieces that look sporty, and there are other brands that define the meaning of wealth and class. Additionally, determine whether what purpose will the watch serve you. There are wristwatches that can be used daily while some men prefer Patek Philippe watches for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or birthdays.

Wristwatches should be versatile enough to be worn daily or only on special occasions. Determine the technology, innovation, and movement that are used in a luxury timepiece.

Canvass for a variety of wristwatches before actually buying one. There are a lot of highly regarded online Patek Philippe distributors that also offer other luxury timepieces such as Omega, Breguet, and Tag Heuer. Whether its functionality, beauty, or durability that you are looking for, make sure that whatever timepiece your purchase suits your lifestyle and at the same time is reliable and resilient.

Swiss watches are the epitome of luxury watches. They set the standard for watchmaking that not everyone can follow nor imitate. Not only are Swiss timepieces such as Patek Philippe history-laden, they are also manufactured with unparalleled craftsmanship and represent a lifestyle.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Collecting and Buying Vintage Wrist Watches from Patek Phillipe and More

Patek Philippe wristwatches are timepieces that collectors would want to have in their collection. Just like any other wristwatches, purchasing vintage timepieces involves great planning. Because wristwatches from luxury brands, such as Patek Philippe, Mont Blanc, and Tag Heuer, are heirloom pieces that could be passed on from one generation to the next, it is important that caution and care are taken before owning one.
  • Think about the type of wristwatch you would like to buy. Note the time period the watch has been pre-owned. It is also important to find out how much time and effort you are willing to spend should the timepiece need repair or fixing. Timepieces such as Patek Philippe, Bulgari and Chopard often last a lifetime with a low maintenance requirement.
  • Determine what your taste in wristwatches is. Collectors tend to favor certain styles such as old Patek Philippe chronographs or stop watches, moon phase watches, or old retrograde watches. Patek Philippe boasts of a huge collection where vintage collectors can pick from various designs and styles.
  • Check the condition the watch is in. Because vintage wristwatches have been owned for ages, make sure that the classic wristwatches you want to own are still have serial numbers on them. Also double check the case and see if there are particles in the movement.
  • Older vintage watches usually have simpler movements. Though Patek Philippe wristwatches have revolutionized a number of movements, the timepieces are still worth collecting. Simpler movements require a different method of cleaning, and it’s advisable to practice with clocks before taking apart vintage watches.
  • Research, research, and research. Go online and read on vintage wristwatches. Many reputable online stores offer vintage watches at prices you can afford. Books and catalogs help too. Through this, any future collector can orient himself on the styles, movements, and tips on purchasing vintage timepieces.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Caring for your Luxury Watch

Brands such as Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Omega, and the like are valued for their precision and movement. While luxury watches from Omega, Patek Philippe, and Tag Heuer, etc. boast of supreme quality, these watches still need the proper maintenance to keep them functioning properly and maintain its longevity.

Below are some points to consider in caring for luxury watches:

Water - Most luxury watches, such as those from Patek Philippe, are already made resistant to water. Be sure to rid the watch of remaining chlorine when used in swimming. Salt water, however, causes more damage than regular water as salt can cause corrosion to the watch’s exterior. Remove watches prior to salt-water swimming.

Shock - One strong impact can instantly damage a watch in a second. It is advisable for athletes, sportsmen, or runners to remove the watch before doing such activities, lest the luxury watch is made to specifically withstand such conditions.

Temperature - Refrain from exposing the watch to extreme heat or cold for extended periods of time. Extreme heat shortens battery life while extreme cold affects the timekeeping accuracy.

Chemical Contact - Gases, solvents, chemicals, etc. damage the watch by causing discoloration and deterioration. Refrain from wearing the watch when dealing with chemicals.

Electrical Contact - While most household appliances do not pose a threat, most luxury watches cannot withstand strong electric fields or static electricity. Refrain from wearing the watch in these areas, lest it is made to withstand such conditions.

Expert’s Touch - Luxury watches, such as those from Patek Philippe, Omega, and Tag Heuer need to be cleaned and serviced from time to time. Since every watch is made unique, refer to the manual for special instructions and the frequency of having it serviced. Always let a specialist handle the watch.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to Clean Wristwatches

Wristwatches define a lifestyle. Luxury timepieces from Patek Philippe, Bvlgari, Omega and Chopard make a definite statement and are heirlooms that will be passed from one generation to the next. It is important that proper care is given for these pieces to last. Below is a list on how to care for your sublime wristwatch.

  1. First, gather your materials. You will need rubbing alcohol, a soft-bristled toothbrush, lint-free cloth, white vinegar and baking soda.
  2. If you can, gently remove the bracelet but do not force it if the bracelet is difficult to disengage. Be extra cautious to keep the watch from getting wet as this might damage the timepiece.
  3. To make scrubbing easier, soak the bracelet in water and dish soap or rubbing alcohol for a couple hours.
  4. After soaking, scrub out the dirt in between the links of the bracelet by using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Swiss watches like Patek Philippe are manufactured with only the highest quality bracelets that make scrubbing easier.
  5. As much as possible, use a lint-free cloth when drying the bracelet to avoid getting fibers stuck in between the links. If you had dismantled the bracelet from the watch, it can now be re-attached.
  6. Leather straps can be cleaned by using a mixture of white vinegar and water. Scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Make sure that the straps are dried thoroughly before wearing them. Luxury timepieces such as Patek Philippe, Omega, Breguet or Harry Winston offer wristwatches with leather straps that are easy to clean and dry.