Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Goes On In Routine Maintenance Of Luxury Watches

Although luxury watches from Patek Philippe, Omega and the like are built to last generations, they also need to undergo a routine maintenance check or inspection every three or four years. The main misconception of many Patek Philippe and other luxury watch owners is that if it is working properly, then it does not need to be serviced. Do not wait for a problem to happen. Have your luxury watch serviced at authorized centers.
Please note that each luxury watch manufacturer like Patek Philippe, Omega, etc. each have their own specific recommendations. Below are the basic services common to all luxury timepieces.

Complete inspection
-       Worn-out parts that may need to be replaced
-       Parts that may require lubrication
-       Dust, water, or perspiration that may have seeped into the luxury timepiece
Dismantling of Components
-       Old and worn parts are replaced with identical parts, if necessary
-       Cleaning each and every part, down to the last screw
-       Lubrication for precision
-       Precision adjustments
-       Test for timekeeping
-       Test for pressure-proof
-       Test for water-resistance and tightness of gaskets
Polishing and Cleaning
-       Polishing of the case
-       Polishing of the bracelet
General and Final Quality Control
While this routine maintenance may seem a lot, bear in mind that a luxury watch like Patek Philippe is an investment and investments are meant to be taken cared of to last generations.

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