Thursday, August 13, 2009

Caring for your Luxury Watch

Brands such as Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Omega, and the like are valued for their precision and movement. While luxury watches from Omega, Patek Philippe, and Tag Heuer, etc. boast of supreme quality, these watches still need the proper maintenance to keep them functioning properly and maintain its longevity.

Below are some points to consider in caring for luxury watches:

Water - Most luxury watches, such as those from Patek Philippe, are already made resistant to water. Be sure to rid the watch of remaining chlorine when used in swimming. Salt water, however, causes more damage than regular water as salt can cause corrosion to the watch’s exterior. Remove watches prior to salt-water swimming.

Shock - One strong impact can instantly damage a watch in a second. It is advisable for athletes, sportsmen, or runners to remove the watch before doing such activities, lest the luxury watch is made to specifically withstand such conditions.

Temperature - Refrain from exposing the watch to extreme heat or cold for extended periods of time. Extreme heat shortens battery life while extreme cold affects the timekeeping accuracy.

Chemical Contact - Gases, solvents, chemicals, etc. damage the watch by causing discoloration and deterioration. Refrain from wearing the watch when dealing with chemicals.

Electrical Contact - While most household appliances do not pose a threat, most luxury watches cannot withstand strong electric fields or static electricity. Refrain from wearing the watch in these areas, lest it is made to withstand such conditions.

Expert’s Touch - Luxury watches, such as those from Patek Philippe, Omega, and Tag Heuer need to be cleaned and serviced from time to time. Since every watch is made unique, refer to the manual for special instructions and the frequency of having it serviced. Always let a specialist handle the watch.

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