Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caring for your Patek Philippe

Purchasing a Patek Philippe is a major investment and one that should last you for years, or even generations. But just because it is made from the finest and most innovative Swiss watchmaking technology doesn’t mean that your Patek Philippe will automatically withstand the test of time. Like any other accessory, a Patek Philippe requires special care befitting its unique style and quality.

Patek Philippe owners need to take care to remember the golden rule: maintenance. Whatever style your Patek Philippe may be, always remember to bring it in for a routine maintenance check. A good and reasonable timeframe would be every three to five years. However, don’t just bring your Patek Philippe to any watch store. Go to your authorized Patek Philippe service staff to ensure that only expert hands will take care of your precious timepiece.

Water-resistant Patek Philippes require additional care. It is advisable for owners to bring them in for an annual water-resistance test. This is a simple procedure that takes no more than a few minutes. A little time spent on caring for your Patek Philippe is sure to go a long way.

As with the maintenance of any other luxury watch, expect your Patek Philippe to undergo some dismantling, polishing and oiling. The check-up should also be the perfect opportunity for your Patek Philippe to have some crucial parts replaced, if necessary.

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