Monday, January 25, 2010

How to Determine Authenticity of Patek Philippe Luxury Watches

While everyone would like to strike for a great deal in purchasing a luxury watch such as a Patek Philippe, one must be wary of replica luxury watches. To be sure that your luxury watch is authentic, a number of things must be considered to ensure that money is not wasted on scams or replica timepieces.

Purchase from Authorized Dealers
Buyers of luxury watches believe that the best place from which you can guarantee an authentic luxury watch is purchasing from the manufacturer itself. While a trip to Geneva and knocking on the Patek Philippe factory sounds enticing, this method of purchasing a luxury watch is the most expensive and the most difficult to do. The best option is to purchase from an authorized dealer or reseller. Some luxury watch companies only allow certain resellers to sell their products in order to control the instances of replica watches. To narrow your search for an authorized dealer of Patek Philippe and other luxury watch brands, you may contact the watch manufacturer and ask who their authorized reseller is in your specific area.

Get in touch with the Authorized Dealer
It becomes of utmost importance to contact the authorized watch dealer and ask them questions on your Patek Philippe luxury watch of choice to ensure that they are legitimate sellers. They should be able to guide you in purchasing your luxury watch and be extremely knowledgeable on the features and functionality of the watch.

Look for Special Authentication Markings
A specific marking or signature on a Patek Philippe luxury watch proves its authenticity. Research and know the specific marking of the manufacturer of the luxury watch of your choice. Oftentimes, these markings are engraved to prove its legitimacy. Double check serial numbers and ensure that these are not scratched off.

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