Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Guide on Basic Luxury Watch Movements and Features

What sets a Patek Philippe and other luxury brand watches apart is not just their design, but also the skill necessary to produce this work of art. The true beauty of an Omega or Patek Philippe watch stems from its precision in movement and artistry.

To help you appreciate the magnificence of luxury watches, below is a guide on the different classifications of a precision timepiece.

Quartz Technology
Over the years, quartz technology has gained popularity due to its efficiency in timekeeping. The Swiss Quartz movements are known for its accuracy and reliability. It also has the greatest advantage when it comes to the price.

Mechanical Movement
Mechanical watches are created around an older technology that has been in existence for centuries. The movement uses the energy from a wound spring and keeps time through a greatly regulated release of that energy on a set of wheels, gears, and other mechanisms. These types of watches last for decades and do not need a battery. The more mechanical a watch is, the more it increases in value.
Automatic/Self Winding
Automatic luxury timepieces are the most sought after as they are mechanical, but driven by human movement. These luxury watches wind themselves by the motion of the wearer and remains wound as long as there is movement.

Jewel Movement
This involves the use of jewels that have been drilled and polished to act as bearings for its components as these gems resist temperature better than metal, hold its lubrication much longer, and reduce the friction of mechanical parts against each other.  Most luxury watches will have 19 jewels and above, representing the number of gems used in creating the masterpiece.
A chronograph luxury watch breaks down time into hours, minutes and seconds. Other chronograph watches show moon phases and calendars broken down into dates and years. These are very interesting complications that can be placed in a watch as it produces sporty image.

Perpetual Calendar
A perpetual calendar changes the date automatically on the simple date window of a luxury watch, keeping track of the date, day of the week, year, month, leap year, and even centuries.  Only an experienced watchmaker such as a Patek Philippe watch can produce such complex timepieces.

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