Sunday, April 4, 2010

Patek Philippe Through History

Although they can admittedly be a bit lavish and extravagant, those same qualities are part of what make up the glamour of a Patek Philippe watch. Each Patek Philippe watch is a masterpiece; a legendary craft enlightened by a rich history and advanced watch-making technology. Because of the unique charisma a Patek Philippe carries, they have been and still are the timepiece of choice for many of history’s most notable figures.
As far back as 1851, the Patek Philippe Company held a close relationship with Queen Victoria and began to supply luxury watches to both her and the royal court. This gesture set ablaze the fervor for Patek Philippe timepieces in European roylty. Since then, the exquisite timepieces from this Geneva-based manufacturer have been a symbol of dignity and royalty, making a Patek Philippe watch almost a necessity.
Other notable people in history whose wrists have been adorned by a Patek Philippe watch include Pope Pius IX, the King and Queen Christian IX and Louise of Denmark, the king of Italy, the Duke of Savoy Victor-Emanuel III, and the Sultan of Egypt Hussein Kamel.
Today, a Patek Philippe watch is the top choice for collectors, luxury watch enthusiasts, and remains so for many prominent figures. Among the famous people who have been spotted with a discriminating Patek Philippe timepiece are Vladimir Putin of Russia, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Prince Charles of Wales, and Hollywood celebrities like Michael Douglas and Nicholas Cage.
A Patek Philippe watch is truly in a league of its own. Valuable because of their lasting value, they are remarkable timepieces that provide extreme loyalty, not only from past owners to present ones, but to future owners as well. 

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