Thursday, April 8, 2010

Patek Philippe for the Ladies

There are countless of luxury watches that suit any man’s lifestyle – from business to sports – and a man’s decision on a timepiece is dependent on his way of life.

For a woman, it is an entirely different story. Luxury watches are not dependent on her lifestyle. They are as precious and as valuable as her diamonds. For her, luxury watches are accessories that instantly add class and elegance to her style.

Though much has been said and written about Patek Philippe men’s watches, this world-renowned watchmaker from the apex of Swiss watch making industry has never forgotten all about the ladies.
Take for example the Patek Philippe Twenty~4 ladies watch. It is a watch meticulously designed for the active yet refined contemporary woman. The Patek Philippe Twenty~4 watch accompanies a woman through every style and occasion – from high-fashion daywear to an elegant evening dress. From the case, bezel, and/or bracelet adorned with the fiery magnificence of Top Wesselton diamonds, down to the crown studded with an onyx or diamond solitaire, the Patek Philippe Twenty~4 watch is a work of art embodied in a timepiece. The subtly curved silhouette of the case embraces the delicate feminine wrist tenderly, reflecting perfection in its craftsmanship.
Patek Philippe has done it again – outdoing itself in every meticulously created timepiece. A Patek Philippe watch becomes an extension of the lady herself, instantaneously adding charisma and grace to her already elegant style. For whatever gender, Patek Philippe always carries with it a commemorative and lasting value.
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