Monday, April 4, 2011

Changing the Straps of Panerai Luxury Watches

One of the benefits of purchasing authentic Panerai watches is that they have lifetime manufacturing warranties. This means that collectors can simply bring their Panerai watches to authorized dealers for any services they need. Changing the straps of both older and newer Panerai models is an easy task, thanks to the tools that come with the purchase of authentic timepieces. If the tools are no longer available, you can substitute it with other tools. To change the straps of a newer Panerai watch, here’s what you need to know.

1. At the back of the Panerai watch, there is a release button which you should find just at the back of the screw posts, near the base of the watch strap.
2. With a 1.4mm screwdriver, press the release button while simultaneously using an equally sharp object to push the screw button through the screw post. If the original tools that came with the Panerai watch are still available, there is a special tool you can use to do these maneuvers concurrently.
3. Remove both the watch straps once you have pulled the end of the screw out of the screw post.
4. Between the two screw posts, place the new watch strap you want to replace the old one with. In the hole located between the two screw posts, insert a screw and make sure to push it all the way through to securely fasten the strap into the hole.
5. Press the release button and simultaneously push the end of the screw through the screw post with another sharp object.
6. Repeat the procedures to replace the other Panerai watch strap.

Replacing an older Panerai model is easier. Simply remove the two straps of the timepiece with your Panerai screwdriver or any 1.4mm flat-head screwdriver if the original is not available. Remove the old straps and place the new ones between the two screw posts. Finish off by inserting a screw into the screw posts and securing it by pushing it all the way through the screw posts. Tighten with a screwdriver and repeat the same procedure for the other strap.

Panerai luxury watches are truly unique and special. Mostly manufactured in limited editions, owning one not only says a lot about your taste, it also speaks of elegance and style.

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