Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Advantages of Buying Patek Philippe Watch from an Authorized Dealer

When it comes to buying, customers like getting discounts and bargains. That is why there are flea markets, bazaars, direct sellers, online entrepreneurs and a whole gamut of other dealers outside of the original manufacturer. But when it comes to buying luxury items, buying from somewhere other than the original manufacturer can be a tricky prospect. Sure, it may be cheaper and possibly even easier, but are you really getting your money’s worth?

Luxury items, like Patek Philippe watches, are sold through limited and select dealers because of their value. If you are interested in purchasing a Patek Philippe watch, then you are investing a substantial amount of money for a premium item. Some shady dealer might tempt you with a “bargain” deal, but beware! Premium brands like Patek Philippe are expensive for good reason. If you are truly after value, then here are some reasons why you should only buy your Patek Philippe watch from an authorized dealer.

1. An authorized dealer can order special parts or accessories for your Patek Philippe watch. This is extremely important since each Patek Philippe watch is made individually and not as a product of a factory line.

2. An authorized dealer can add a one or even two year warranty extension on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, the manufacturer’s warranty may also be honored by other authorized dealers.

3. If you buy your Patek Philippe watch from an authorized dealer and you encounter a problem, you can ask the manufacturer to intervene on your behalf whereas if you buy from an unauthorized manufacturer, you’re stuck with whatever service they offer you.

4. An authorized dealer can be trusted to provide you with top notch customer service. For example, take a look at authorized dealer Chong Hing Jewelers. Chong Hing Jewelers has been in the business since 1970 and is a trusted supplier of luxury brands like Patek Philippe, Chopard, Tag Heuer, and more, so you know you’re in good hands.

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