Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Makes Patek Philippe Watches Worth the Price

Luxury watches such as those manufactured by Patek Philippe and other Swiss brands are very expensive, which is why collectors make these Patek Philippe watches their ultimate investments. Suggested retail prices are usually higher than what customers actually have to pay for. Deals and steals on Patek Philippe luxury watches are still available but buyers should be wary of fakes and scams. For the curious collector, here are some factors that make Patek Philippe watches truly a collector’s item.

1. Movement – The Patek Philippe brand is well-known for pioneering such movements as the perpetual calendar, split-second hands, chronograph, and minute repeater. These movements are often the most expensive luxury watches and when these features are combined, they will certainly cost more. Minute repeaters almost always command a 6-figure price while tourbillions usually start at $80,000.

2. Materials – Swiss watches are among the best watches in the world. Patek Philippe luxury watches offer luxury watches made from a variety of materials. The materials from which Patek Philippe watches are made of affect the price of the watches. Patek Philippe lovers can choose from stainless steel, gold plating, gold, yellow or rose, white gold, and platinum luxury watches. For example, Patek Philippe’s Annual Calendar Chronograph featuring a sapphire crystal caseback also has a platinum case, increasing its price in the watch market. Other watches use materials such as base metals, plastics, resins, and other synthetic materials which consumers will not likely find in a luxury Swiss watch.

3. Production scale – Some Patek Philippe watches are handmade, which increases their value. The smaller the number of production, the more expensive the Patek Philippe watch will be. There are series produced in limited number and especially expensive are custom-made luxury watches.

4. Diamonds and jewels – An increasing trend in luxury watch design nowadays is the use of diamonds and other jewels for aesthetic purposes. The bigger jewels and higher karats will definitely command a higher price in Patek Philippe watches. The Patek Philippe Twenty~4 is a ladies watch that boasts a case and a strap made of 18kt white gold set with diamonds as well as a pave-set diamond dial.

5. Brand – We’ve all heard that the name itself makes the luxury watch expensive. This is especially true with Patek Philippe watches as they are known for being at the apex of the Swiss watch industry. With over 90 patents to its name, Patek Philippe commands the highest place in watchmaking.

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